• Image of NEIL CAMPBELL "Think not of the glasses, but of the drink" CDR

A glorious, demented labour of love from Neil Campbell, as he pays "tribute" to his beloved Virgin Prunes with not covers per se, but 3 wild dreangements, no doubt fuelled by copious amounts of Lidl gin. Worth it for the picture of a 16 year old Neil on the cover alone.

"When I was 16 in 1982, Virgin Prunes were my favourite band in the whole world. Something about them chimed with my own experience, growing up in a working-class backwater, ducking out of the prevailing macho culture to create beautiful infuriating ridiculous explosive art, looking weird as hell and engaging with the world through the prism of their own private jokes and obsessions. Earlier this year, I thought it was time to reconnect with my lapsed love for the band after getting weeks of amusement from reciting half-remembered lines from Caucasian Walk to myself over and over again while going about my daily life. So, these three pieces aren't really cover versions as such, more tributes formed of a haphazard smash and grab through bits of the Virgin Prunes back catalogue that seemed still useful to me after all these years. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that brick." - N.C.